Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

When Donald J. Trump surprised the world and won the American presidency, fair and square, he celebrated with a good friend.

That friend was from Great Britain, one of the ‘Boys of Brexit’, who likewise had pulled off the improbable and won a referendum vote to LEAVE the EU.

The two had a great deal in common, as populist patriots who opposed both the establishment and globalism, arguing for a return to sovereignty.

Simply put: they loved their respective countries.

Control of our borders, our money, our laws, and our trade were the common themes for both political leaders.

Fast-forward and today Trump in power, is casting his spell on the whole wide world, reshaping it as he promised, while in Britain, Brexit is yet to happen, three years on.

All that is about to change.

After May 26th the Brexit Party will sweep the UK elections for the European Parliament, sending everything topsy-turvy.  Polls say he might reach 52%.

Then its leader, pictured above at golden Trump Tower, will refocus all his considerable energies on contesting the next UK election and will likely upset the apple cart there as well.

His party will win a large number of the 17.4 voters who voted to Leave and many more who are utterly and completely frustrated by the efforts to thwart democracy.

This will put Britain’s two party system in jeopardy, tearing apart the Tory Party and splitting the Labour side, especially those who want a country free from Brussels control.

The new party tagline is: “change British politics for good.’

A general election is needed and expected as soon as possible, but in the meantime the Brexit Party is likely to win the by-election Peterborough seat on the 6th June – giving them their first MP.

Many defections from the Tories are also possible, as already has happened in Welsh Assembly.

The Brexit Party is ascendant—and on a roll.

The person we are hinting at, with his beaming smile and no nonsense common sense philosophy, is of course none other than the one and only, NIGEL FARAGE.

Farage is a fifth term MEP in the European Parliament, vice chairman of the pro-Brexit Leave Means Leave organization, a FOX News contributor, host of his own LBC radio talk show, the lead candidate of the Brexit party, and a dynamo of a political stump winder.

He was named “Briton of the Year” by The Times in 2014 and was said by one mentor, who must have spotted him early, “that I was quite ballsy, probably good on a platform, unafraid of the limelight, a bit noisy and good at selling things.”

Nigel is a self-described “man of the people” who works tirelessly for the common man and woman.

He is also Trump’s Bestie.

Farage is like Trump a doer, a rabble-rouser, and charismatic to a fault.

On June 3-5 US President Trump will visit the UK for a State visit at the request of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is something he has long desired.

His mother was born in Stornoway, Scotland and absolutely adored the Queen.

Trump is an anglophile and wants the US-UK Special Relationship to be revived—to work.

He very much wants to support the UK in its Brexit and to do a bilateral free trade deal looking ahead to benefit both countries.

Britain is the US’ best friend and a stalwart of democratic capitalism.

It is time Trump repays a favor.

As noted, Farage has long been loyal to and extremely supportive of Trump.

He has been on the campaign trail with and for him. He speaks positively about him incessantly and like no other European leader.

Farage deserves the same — in return.

The president of the euroskeptic EFDD group,

Trump should invite him as his guest to the State dinner at Buckingham Palace and sit him next to himself and the Queen.

It would be the ultimate show of alignment and friendship.

Theresa May’s government and she personally have failed to produce Brexit.

Trump should dis them.

She will be gone very soon and disrespected as the worst Prime Minister in Britain’s long and venerable history.

Nigel Farage, on the other hand, is a force for the future and one that is going to affect British as well as European history and politics for years and years to come.

Trump should send a signal you and America are with him—as he was with you.

Say this in an interview with the London press the day you arrive, Mr. President.

It will be thumbs up!

About Robert Stewart

Robert S. Stewart is a Canadian/Swiss entrepreneur, financier, investor, Master Planner, explorer, scientist, adventurer, athlete, Corporate Director, Chairman and CEO of numerous global enterprises including those in mining, petroleum, infrastructure, telecoms, aviation, hospitality and medical research . Currently, he has invested in the construction of the world's first integrated cacao plantation (103 hectares), chocolate processing factory in Costa Rica. Cacao beans are normally sold into the world market and processed into chocolate in the Northern Hemisphere, far from the planters and plantations of the Tropical zone where they grow. Modern, industrial chocolate has had the bitter mass from poor quality beans provided by 95% of Forestero beans removed from them and replaced by massive amounts of white beet sugar, soya and other additives. Criollo and Triniterio beans from Central America are the best beans in the world, where they first grew 4000 years ago. Adding value and paying the workers adequate salaries and prices for their high quality beans will lift them and Third World economies out of poverty. He created the World Ocean Corporation to clean-up plastics, toxic chemicals, municipal and industrial waste; replenish decimated fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic Oceans; and to build protection and exclusion zones for reproducing fish, mammal, animal and aviary species found in the oceans covering 71% of the Earth's surface. He writes frequently in the OP ED pages of the New York Times, Financial Times of London, The Economist, Toronto Globe and Mail,, The Times and Telegraph of London, Winnipeg Free Press and the Victoria Beach Herald. These are reprints of his editorial and OP ED pieces and comments on those who write better articles than his own. While he uses his own name or Email address to identify the writer of his articles, occasionally he is forced to use a "nom de plume" by the editors. "Beaverbrook" passes for that, after three generations of family dogs of the same name. It's a dog's world.
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