Ted Malloch: The European Spring 2019 Is Coming

March 3, 2019

Guest post by Ted Malloch

Keep your eyes glued on Europe this spring.

Something is about to happen that will change the trajectory of modern history.
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The globalist European Union will be brought to its knees.

The surge of populist parties — on the right and the left — are poised to become the dominant players in European politics.

This will transfigure the European Parliament and slam the breaks on the globalist European Project.

Movement toward a federal uni-state, anchored in supranationalism will die in its tracks.

This means the redefinition of Europe, as we know it.

It means the survival and exaltation of sovereign nation states, again.

It means the end to senseless immigration.

It means no EU army, superseding NATO.

It means an alignment with Trump’s America.

Everything will change.

Juncker will be out as EU president.

Tusk will be gone as EU Council president.

Barnier will be removed as chief EU negotiator.

Tanjani will lose as president of the EU Parliament.

Center-right populist friendly characters that put an end to the globalist agenda and its aspirations, will replace them all.

Watch this informed analysis and you can follow the play by play and understand better the shape of European politics to come.

It is literally just a few short months away.

About Robert Stewart

Robert S. Stewart is a Canadian/Swiss entrepreneur, financier, investor, Master Planner, explorer, scientist, adventurer, athlete, Corporate Director, Chairman and CEO of numerous global enterprises including those in mining, petroleum, infrastructure, telecoms, aviation, hospitality and medical research . Currently, he has invested in the construction of the world's first integrated cacao plantation (103 hectares), chocolate processing factory in Costa Rica. Cacao beans are normally sold into the world market and processed into chocolate in the Northern Hemisphere, far from the planters and plantations of the Tropical zone where they grow. Modern, industrial chocolate has had the bitter mass from poor quality beans provided by 95% of Forestero beans removed from them and replaced by massive amounts of white beet sugar, soya and other additives. Criollo and Triniterio beans from Central America are the best beans in the world, where they first grew 4000 years ago. Adding value and paying the workers adequate salaries and prices for their high quality beans will lift them and Third World economies out of poverty. He created the World Ocean Corporation to clean-up plastics, toxic chemicals, municipal and industrial waste; replenish decimated fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic Oceans; and to build protection and exclusion zones for reproducing fish, mammal, animal and aviary species found in the oceans covering 71% of the Earth's surface. He writes frequently in the OP ED pages of the New York Times, Financial Times of London, The Economist, Toronto Globe and Mail, Mining.com, The Times and Telegraph of London, Winnipeg Free Press and the Victoria Beach Herald. These are reprints of his editorial and OP ED pieces and comments on those who write better articles than his own. While he uses his own name or Email address to identify the writer of his articles, occasionally he is forced to use a "nom de plume" by the editors. "Beaverbrook" passes for that, after three generations of family dogs of the same name. It's a dog's world.
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