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Business Plan

“Fundamental Minerals”: A single tablet containing all the most essential Mineral and Vitamin supplements to improve Oral and General Body Health.

  1. Background:

98% of modern Western populations have a variety of dental problems ranging from tooth decay to gum deterioration. A Dutch dentist practicing for over 30 years (Dr. Hans Beekmans, Laren, NH) started to look into this problem and found the causes of these problems seven years ago.

Over hundreds of years these dental problems bother most populations over the whole planet. The main cause is related to nutritional behavior. It is a well-known phrase to say that “We are what we eat”. Since the 15th century, poorer people started to suffer from many dental diseases which led to other health problems and in many cases caused death. Before that time, most wealthy people who could consume sugar and refined food also suffered from oral problems.

These problems at that time included cavities, rotten teeth, malformations of the bones, infections, teeth that fell out because of problems of the gums and the supporting bones. The teeth act as “The Canary in the Coal Mine for the rest of the body”.

When a deficiency of minerals was discovered and confirmed as the leading cause of tooth decay and ancillary bodily health problems, a solution involving the replenishment of these missing minerals in food has become a leading cure for many of these extremely important health issues.

Dentistry at that time was mostly pulling teeth when they hurt. People often died from severe infections at the roots and in the jaw. Bacteria was discovered in the 17th century that caused these so-called diseases.

Solutions where found by practitioners and medical scientists in filling the cavities, doing root canal treatments, brushing the teeth, orthodontic treatments, fluoride applications and oral surgical treatments. A new profession was eventually born: Dentistry.

In 1939, following five decades of scientific investigations, research and proof, a Canadian dentist and oral surgeon named Weston Price discovered the relationship between nutrition and dental problems in his landmark book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. He described the effects of bad food habits prevalent in most western civilizations were the cause of most teeth decay. Price is credited with much of the development of holistic dentistry.

Primitive cultures not connected to these western civilizations didn’t have the dental problems at all, but as soon as their members started to eat Western food, the dental problems started.

One century later dentist, Dutch Dentist Dr. Hans Beekmans researched deeper into the problem. He discovered that the basic problem with teeth and bones were related to the energy production of every single cell. The bones and the teeth contained the reserves of the minerals, desperately needed for cell survival. A shortage in the nutritional intake was a signal for the organism to retake the minerals from the bone and teeth.

As long as there was enough nutritional intake, bones and teeth could re-mineralize. If not, the teeth and bones decayed rapidly. The body, steered by the glands responsible for the demineralization, had its solution for the problem. It creates enough energy for the cell survival.

Bacteria normally present in small quantities weren’t attacked anymore and could grow to large numbers to demineralize the teeth and produce minerals necessary for the individual cells of the whole body.

Calcium especially, is the main mineral responsible for the energy production which is available in teeth and bones. Other minerals like magnesium still have to come from nutrition. Specific vitamins discovered by Dr. Weston Price, are responsible for the correct intake and absorption of minerals in the body.  He conducted many experiments with small mammals to prove that vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 were key to the absorption and distribution of critical minerals.

Dr. Hans Beekmans used many supplements to help his patients overcome dental problems. He started to develop the exact combination by using different ones available in existing market products. This led to a combination of various different products while he continued to work out a perfect vitamin supplement.

This led to the final production of a capsule that contains the exact minimal combination of minerals and vitamins to maintain full health of the teeth and in turn many aspects of bodily health.

In the last seven years he monitored the effects of the combination and the amounts needed per patient. He also discovered which dental problems indicated the need for the supplement and the various different dental problems that could be solved with that supplement.

The teeth and gums show immediately the need for certain parts of the supplement and which part was mostly missing. The loss of bone, the production of tartar, grinding, sensitive teeth and decay all were an indication of the lack of minerals and vitamins.

But not only dental problems were solved by the use of the supplement. Restless legs, migraine headaches, joint problems, tiredness, sleeping problems and infections were solved when the patients took enough of the supplement.

The dental problems were just an indication of a body with a lack of energy in the cells and therefore resulted in other problems and diseases. That is why he called the supplement “Fundamental”, the first step to heal the body by giving back the resources for energy production.

The difference with other supplements is that this has been tested thoroughly with patients to improve dental problems in ways other than with medication, drilling and filling, orthodontic treatments, splint therapy or root canal treatments.

It is not a product that is solely based on theories or results of scientific research. It is tested in real life. Dr. Beekmans states that brushing teeth is a symptomatic treatment. The real cause of serious dental problems is a lack of minerals. When there are enough of the right composition and amount taken by the patient, the bacteria that causes the diseases disappears.

It’s the same as scurvy. This was solved by enough intake of vitamin C. It took scientists and doctors almost two centuries to handle this shortage of vitamin C and solve the scurvy epidemics.

Another discovery might be the tartar formation and the relation to blood vessels. There is no existing proof of this but there is an high probability that vitamin K2, tartar and atrial plaque have the same relationship.  Further research is underway.

Benefits from the Use of Calcium Magnesium Mineral and Vitamin supplements

  1. Why do most people need Fundamental Minerals Supplement?

To get enough calcium and magnesium into the body it is essential to be part of our daily diet. If this does not happen, the body has a reserve of Calcium in the bones that is accessed if there is insufficient absorption from the intestines. The last source that can also be used is the Calcium from the teeth. These are made from a mineral called ‘Calcium-hydroxyappatite’.

The development of cavities means that the teeth are decalcified and thus release Calcium for the functioning of the cells in the body. In the blood the amount of Calcium is kept very precisely up to the nanogram (one billionth of a gram) because Calcium is indispensable for the energy production of all body cells. It is therefore vital for the survival of the cells.

One could say that Calcium is just as important as oxygen, but you do not notice it so quickly because the body has enough systems to build and address its reserves. However, what is of great importance is that the stock is replenished daily because otherwise the reserves will be exhausted. If the intake stagnates through the intestines, due to inadequate nutrition or if the demand is greater than the intake, then the reserves such as the bones and the teeth are accessed.

This release of Calcium happens under the influence of mouth bacteria that produce acid. With constant cleaning one can keep the bacteria, away. However, the formation of plaque is the result of too little Calcium in the diet. This causes an emergency response in the body. The salivary glands in a healthy well-fed human with sufficient proteins slows the growth of bacteria. But if there is too little calcium in the blood is, the teeth develop holes.

Another interesting phenomenon is the development of sensitive tooth necks, this is also a symptom of too little calcium which is available for the cells. This is caused by a reversal of the flow of liquid in the tooth itself, normally a small amount of liquid comes out of the tooth.

If the Calcium mirror is too low, then this mechanism is reversed. Now the acids go out of plaque instead of being pushed out. An advantage for the body cells is that the Calcium is taken in this flow.

So if we want to prevent cavities, we have to provide sufficient calcium in the diet.

However, in order to properly absorb Calcium from the diet, we must also have sufficient Magnesium, otherwise the Calcium cannot be absorbed. The exact ratio is 2:1 from Calcium to Magnesium for a good absorption.

Magnesium is a mineral missing from the diets of most modern people. That is not the reason that the teeth are affected. It is because of a Calcium deficiency. Blood is measured by much calcium is in it. Then the body responds in there is a deficit to replenish it. The exact ratio of the intake is important, so 2:1 Calcium-Magnesium. Magnesium improves many regions of the brain and many other bodily functions.

In addition, other factors also play a role, such as vitamins D3 and K2, for the absorption and distribution by the body. A clear symptom of too little vitamin K2 is the formation of tartar, kidney stones and vein calcifications. The dentist or hygienist can therefore already see that a person is at risk of atherosclerosis due to the presence of tartar in the mouth.

Another way to get Calcium out of the teeth is by grinding. This is the wear that occurs and then causes a release of Calcium from the teeth and molars. This is an undesirable situation because then the teeth and teeth wear out too quickly.

Another way to get Calcium fast is to cause inflammation of the bone tissue where the teeth (or implants) are stuck. Because of this bone inflammation Calcium is also released to the blood and the body thus obtains the required Calcium.

A medical hazard that is caused by this form of Calcium release is infection of the joints or heart valves by the bacteria in the gums and causing the bone breakdown. All-in-all, this is medically a very undesirable situation, which is also disastrous for the teeth.

Excavations and investigations have shown that this problem has been on the planet for more than ten thousand years and is the result of the wrong diet that we take as human beings. The pharaohs were also victims with bad teeth, but also badly developed jaws and bones.

Interestingly, animals with this problem are also plagued by inadequate or incorrect food. This is especially true of pets, horses and cows which suffer from failing teeth by the bacteria that break the jawbone around the teeth. In the horse world this is well known by wise owners who feed their animals Calcium and Magnesium.

The above issues are very unfavourable situations for the teeth. But now for the first time, the factors have been really well researched and a solution has been found and developed.

 2. What are the ingredients for the supplement?

The supplement with Calcium and Magnesium for humans consists of those products that are necessary for its optimal absorption, so that it can be ensured that calcium and magnesium are taken immediately after ingestion into the intestines, in the blood vessels of the surrounding tissues.

Amongst others, more vitamin D3 which we normally take when we are sufficiently outside with sunlight, is in an optimal amount in the supplement. To begin with, 20 micrograms are contained in one capsule. This ensures that the Calcium and Magnesium contained in the capsule are absorbed by the body.

In addition, there is malic acid in the capsule which is necessary for the absorption of the Calcium. Magnesium is basic mineral and makes Calcium difficult to be included because Calcium requires an acidic environment for to be fully ingested. The combination of Calcium, Magnesium and malic acid in the right proportions ensure optimal absorption.

In addition to the above substances there is also vitamin K2 in the capsule in an amount that the calcium distribution promotes and ensures that it does not linger in the blood vessels or in other places, such as on the teeth or the kidneys.

In addition to these vitamins, there are also minerals that are essential for the optimal functioning of the power plant of the cell, called the ‘mitochondria’. This Iron (ironbisglycinate) is important for the transport of oxygen to the cells via the red blood cells. In the red blood cell is a substance called ‘hemoglobin’ which uses iron for the transport of oxygen therefore this is added.

In most western countries people have a shortage of iron. Copper mineral (copper gluconate), this is added because (again) the mitochondria copper has an important function in the production of energy and a shortage would disrupt the process.

Manganese (citrate) also plays an important role along with calcium and magnesium to keep the bones and skin healthy and also the healing of wounds. In particular, the conversion of collagen, an important constituent of the skin and the bones, is regulated by manganese iodine (potassium iodide).

This is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. These are responsible for the calcium regulation to the blood and many other bodily functions, as well as all cells which need iodine, including the brain cells.

Iodine is part of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Zinc (citrate) and is an essential mineral for many bodily functions. This is especially for the healthy functioning of more than 100 enzymes, the production of proteins, healing processes, the immune system and the production of DNA.

This supplement contains all the basic substances for a healthy functioning of all cells. This is mainly because the energy production depends on them. Without these substances, the energy level of the cells is too low. Good functioning and good healing cannot take place without them.

3. How much supplement is needed by each person?

There is no standard amount determined for this supplement. Various factors determine what is required for the proper functioning of the mitochondria, weight, age, kidney function, coffee use, action/energy level, type of food, sex, sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol use and probably a number of other factors that are not yet known.

So it is better to look from a different point of view. What would an average person need and what can you look at to know if enough is being ingested into the human body?

It is clear from research that an average person consumes one gram of Calcium per day. The diet must therefore contain at least one gram to meet this need. The calcium balance is maintained by a collaboration of three organ systems, the mouth or gastrointestinal tract, the bones and the kidneys.

As an adult takes about 1 gram of Calcium per day and 0.35 grams of it is absorbed into the small intestines, that is regulated by the so-called ‘calcitrope hormones’. A daily dose for an adult is six capsules, for children half or for smaller children. two capsules per day. Each capsule contains measured amounts that ensure optimal absorption of calcium and magnesium.

4. How do I know if I take enough of the supplement?

There are a number of features in the mouth so that you can see if there are enough calcium and magnesium. In the first place, with sufficient intake and absorption there is no plaque present on the teeth. A second indication is the presence of tartar. With sufficient intake of vitamin K2, there is also no tartar that is newly formed.

In order to be able to assess this properly, it is necessary that for the use of the supplement, the tartar is properly removed from the teeth, especially above the gums where it is clearly visible.

These are the two main factors that are VISIBLE in the mouth. The sensitivity of the teeth is sensitive. Sensitive teeth are the indicator of a lack of Calcium, so if there is still any sensitivity, then there is too little supplement included.

A disturbing factor for admission is the diet that people consume. It is known that sugars and carbohydrates break down vitamins, which has a direct effect on the absorption and distribution of calcium, because they are highly dependent on vitamins D3 and K2. Alcohol and other drugs also reduce the effect of the vitamins.

Since it is not easy to change habits, it may be that more supplement is needed than with someone who takes no or little sugars or drugs. This is also visible on the plaque, the tartar and the sensitivity of the teeth.

Another criterion is the extent of muscle pain or cramps. With sufficient calcium and magnesium, the cramps and muscle pain disappear. If they are still present, then more supplement is needed.

Another interesting phenomenon is the feeling of stress. A lack of calcium causes this, regardless of the stress factors present. Sufficient calcium ensures that stress is no longer experienced as such.

Another criterion is the presence of white spots on the nails which disappear with sufficient calcium. If they keep appearing, it is a sign of too little calcium in the blood. Nails and hairs also grow faster if sufficient calcium is present.

5.  What is the basis of body functioning and background information for the ingredients?

The cells in our body need energy. That goes for every body cell. The energy production takes place in the ‘mitochondria’. This is very noticeable during physical exertion or during mental exertion. When there is not enough Calcium for muscle work, it is not possible for the muscles to contract anymore, resulting in cramp or muscle weakness. (See illustration above).

On the other hand, Magnesium is needed to relax the muscles, so a shortage of them will also cause cramps. In the brain it is more difficult to notice immediately. But there are clear symptoms. These are: difficulty in concentrating; names cannot be remembered; there is burden with combining multiple problems at the same time; a feeling of being tired; and stressful feelings.

Nerve cells are also heavily dependent on the energy production of these mitochondria. Since every body cell is dependent on this combination of Calcium and Magnesium, other processes are also disturbed in case of a shortage. The immune system works less. The liver cannot do its job well. Sleep becomes more difficult. Healing goes slower and the feeling of energy decreases.

It cannot be easily determined how much our bodies depend on a well-functioning energy system in our cells. However, it is probably the basis and most important factor for our functioning bodies. That is why the supplement is also called “fundamental”.

Many more studies will have to be done to get the full range of factors in the picture when we get enough minerals at the right place in the cells. Other vitamins also play a major role. The impact of all these factors is still not completely known. What we do know is if they are insufficiently present in our body every day, we need to add supplements for better health.

Finally, we are a bio machine that functions on the basis of molecular biochemical processes, far more so than the car and electrical appliances. While we do not always know how exactly they work and how they need to be properly maintained, they are essential to our best health.

The first step is made thanks to the relationship of Calcium and Magnesium with the teeth. On to the following discoveries about the human body and the relation between nutrition and vitamins.

6. Why ordinary food is no longer sufficient?

Because of the increase in the population of the planet, massive agricultural production over several centuries on the same land depleted most of its mineral content and has caused a severe deterioration of healthy contents in food. The minerals and vitamins in the Earth’s soil and plants used to be a sufficient source of nutrients in food to provide basic healthcare centuries ago.

An example of this is in a very popular consumer product called chocolate. For 10,000 years, the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans who populated South and Central America, drank a popular cocoa-based drink containing 100% raw, crushed beans. They considered this a medicinal beverage that kept them healthy.

Today, industrial chocolate has been crushed, heated and most of the cocoa butter, mass and liquor taken out of the bean. They are then re-filled with sugar, caramel, soya, vanilla and other ingredients whilst falling in cocoa content to below 10%.

This product, like most processed foods today, contains no nutritional content. In fact it is a toxic bomb of sugars causing tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes. A processing formula which leaves all the minerals and vitamins in the bean called Craft Chocolate achieves the historic nutritional content. However this represents less than 1% of chocolate today. Thus the need for mineral supplements to restore basic health.

7.  Is it usable for everyone?

 8. Can I take too much of it?

 9. What happens if I get too little Calcium and Magnesium?

 10. Do children also need it?

A, Big Advantage:

Instead of a confusing array of many different tablets with each containing just one mineral or vitamin, FUNDAMENTAL MINERALS infuses all of these into correct proportion onto a single tablet in order to make a dramatic improvement to one’s  dental and whole body health.

Instead of a dizzying array of pills     or      Fundamental Minerals is compounded into

each containing a single supplement         One Tablet adjusted to one’s body weight.

B. Production and Distribution

The Fundamental Mineral Supplements will be manufactured at G&G Vitamins PlC in East Grinstead, UK and distributed worldwide from there.

 C. Financial Calculations

See Profit and Loss Spreadsheets

D. Marketing Plan

 Fundamental Minerals will be marketed through a variety of media. The principal portal will be through the company’s web site which will outline all of the attributes of the product. A number of educational videos will be created and run on the web site. These will include interviews and lectures by Dr. Hans Beekmans.

In addition, testimonial videos will feature well known public figures such as the Entertainer/Singer Annet Hesterman, a recent finalist in the Senior Voice of Holland Television Program on RTL 4. An example of her representational skills can be made into a video in which she acknowledges the medical research that went into the formula and what benefits one can expect. Her demographic represents the perfect average person who would appreciate the product. Her vitality, energy and continued performance skills attest to the proof of a superior product that would assist many people worldwide.

Other professional healthcare providers, athletes and prominent people will be added to these videos for presentation on the company’s web site and YouTube.  Dutch athletes such as Dafne Schippers, a world -class Olympic and Champion Track and Field Runner would capture a market share of people active in athletics seeking additional mineral and vitamin supplement healthcare.

Athletes including football players, ice skating champions, field hockey players and others in many sports could help to promote the Product. An executive from a leading mining and mineral production company could make a promotional video. This might have the following message:

“Hello, I’m Robert , the CEO of several world class mineral and energy production companies, the world’s largest industry. As someone who supplied minerals to many of the world’s leading manufacturers in automobiles, aircraft, ships and trains, as well as the electronics, construction, medical, computer and engineering world, I know the value of minerals. Everything we build contains many of these important building blocks which have graced the global economy for centuries.

Our human bodies need the same minerals. Iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and calcium are all important in the maintenance of healthy bodies. They give us energy, support our immune systems that fights many diseases, strengthens our teeth and bones, builds healthy muscles, and give us a healthy cardio-vascular system. That’s why I have been producing these minerals for the past 50 years. They help to maintain the health of everyone. That’s why I invest in my health by taking Fundamental Minerals. I am living proof that it works.”

Other media presentations will be created and presented on live television interviews on prominent programs such as RTL Coffeetijd, NOS MAX, and other programming.

Newspapers, media handouts, live presentations to Dentists, Medical Conferences, Trade Shows and other formats will be included.

The initial market will consist of the Netherlands and expand eventually to the whole of Europe, North America and eventually worldwide.

E. Agenda and Timeline

 The testing and production of the product has been completed in the preliminary stage. Dr. Beekmans will continue with further dental and medical research to improve this product and develop further mineral and vitamin supplements for additional human conditions.

Production for commercial sale will commence from the factory manufacturer in the UK. If larger orders can reduce the wholesale cost of production, different methods and sources will be sought.

Marketing throughout The Netherlands will commence immediately in November 2018. This will expand to the entire European continent as soon as it appears the winning formula for marketing has achieved lift-off. Subsequent marketing throughout North America and the rest of the world will follow with distribution agreements made with individual agencies under contract.

F. Directors and Owners

Dr. Hans Beekmans: Biologisch Tandarts/implantotloog

Erro Verschoor: Sixsix N.V.

Dick den Hartog:

Robert S. Stewart: CEO Interop A.G.

Appendices: Detailed presentation on the benefits of Fundamental Minerals.


























































































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